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Established in 2020, Brolly Consulting offers expertise in Education, Training, Careers & Mentoring. We are passionate about the growth and development of our youth and believe that there is a "new way" to engage them. With over 13 years in the VET sector, we are well placed to assist business with your vocational education needs.



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Business Development

We provide this service to Registered Training Orginisations (RTO), Group Training Orginisations (GTO) & Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN)


Youth Engagement

Employers, parents & teachers will be guided through the current trends and provided tools to better understand our youth.


Careers Specialist

We can assist students, teachers & parents to navigate University & Vocational pathways for a successful future.


Corporate Consulting

Leadership development, Coaching, Training & Mentoring, Change Management, Profiling, Strategy creation, Marketing & Advertising

Keynote Speakers for your event

Michael Brolly

Tanya Kunze

Industry Panel Facilitator


"What sets Michael apart is not just his networking prowess, but his genuine understanding of the intricacies of careers and industry training, particularly within the realm of VET pathways. It's evident that he doesn't merely connect people; he understands the field and actively strategises for the best possible outcomes"

"Michael has a well-earned reputation for unwavering diligence and commitment to the roles and projects he undertakes. He has deep industry knowledge and a strong specialisation around apprenticeship and job skill programs. He also has extensive business relationships and experience dealing with various levels of stakeholder engagements. Michael will be a valuable contributor to a wide array of workforce, training and skills development projects, roles or programs."

"Michael is an industry professional that sets high standards and delivers without any fail. I had the pleasure working with Michael while being engaged as a consultant to the business. Michael’s industry and overall business acumen is of high calibre and his interpersonal skills made him a pleasure to work with. Michael’s unwavering commitment to his team and strive for excellence made him a highly respected leader within the national leadership and his operational teams. Michael is a skilled leader trainer and mentor with strong morals and integrity"

"Michael is not just a brilliant person to work alongside; he is an extraordinary individual who brings an unparalleled level of expertise and dedication to every project. Having partnered with him in various capacities, I can confidently attest to his exceptional qualities and professionalism"

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